Be Kind Gastouderservice is characterised by transparency and openness. This implies that you can and indeed should look critically at yourself and your actions. Complaints are often a reason to critically scrutinise your own attitude and way of working and how it is perceived by others. So, in this sense, complaints are also constructive and rewarding forms of criticism.

Parents may find it difficult to express their concerns to the childminder(s) or childminding agency. They might worry that being critical or submitting a complaint may affect their child’s care. This is

unfortunate. Be Kind Gastouderservice is conscious that criticism and feedback can actually have positive consequences for the care. The person in question is often unaware of their behaviour. All it takes is some guidance to solve the issue, so that everyone feels listened to and satisfied – and that is extremely important in childcare.

Be Kind Gastouderservice has established an internal complaints procedure under the terms of the Childcare Act. This procedure describes the method of handling and registering complaints received from parents. Parents/guardians should preferably discuss any issues directly with the person involved first. If this fails to result in a satisfactory solution, a formal complaint can be submitted. To submit a complaint, contact Be Kind at A formal complaint must be submitted in writing.

If the internal complaint procedure fails to result in a satisfactory solution, parents are free to seek information, advice and mediation from the national counter for childcare complaints (Klachtenloket Kinderopvang), located in The Hague. or to submit the dispute to the Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards (De Geschillencommissie)

In some cases, it is important to submit the complaint directly to the Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards. The regulations of the Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards can be found here:


Childminder(s):The natural person who as a childminder(s), as referred to in the Act, makes use of the  services of Be Kind Gastouderservice and who provides care to the children at the childcare facility.
Parent:A natural person who uses, wishes to use or has used the services of the childcare facility, to provide care to their children.
Complainant:The person who submits a complaint.
Complaint:A written expression of dissatisfaction.
National Counter for Childcare Complaints:Institute that offers information, advice and mediation.
Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards:Disputes commission for childcare and playgroups, for binding dispute resolution.
Written:Written is also understood to mean digitally, unless the law dictates otherwise

1. Preliminary stage complaint

If a parent has a complaint, the organisation assumes that this complaint is discussed with the person concerned as soon as possible. In principle, the point of contact is therefore the childminder(s) or the mediator from the childcare facility involved. If this fails to lead to a satisfactory solution, a complaint can be submitted.

2. Submitting a complaint

2.1   A complaint must be submitted in writing. The complaint must be submitted within a reasonable period of time after the situation that lead to the complaint occurred, whereby two months is considered a reasonable period of time. The complaint must state the date, name and address of the complainant, if possible the name of the employee to whom the complaint relates and a description of the complaint.

2.2 If the complaint concerns a suspicion of child abuse, the reporting code for domestic violence and child abuse will come into effect. This complaints procedure is therefore terminated.

3. Handing the complaint

3.1 Be Kind Gastouderservice is responsible for handling and registering the complaint.

3.2     Be Kind Gastouderservice will confirm that they have received the complaint to the parent in writing within 24 hours. (Confirmation may take longer during holidays).

3.3    Be Kind Gastouderservice informs the complainant of the progress of the handling of the complaint.  

3.4    Depending on the nature and content of the complaint, an investigation will be started.

3.5    If the complaint concerns the behaviour of an employee, this employee will be given the opportunity to respond verbally or in writing.

3.6    Be Kind Gastouderservice monitors the handling procedure of the complaint and period of time.  The complaint will be handled as soon as possible, unless there are any circumstances that prevent this. In this case, Be Kind Gastouderservice will inform the complainant of this as soon as possible. The complaint will, in any case, be handled within a period of six weeks.

3.7    The complainant will receive written and motivated judgment concerning the complaint, including a specified period of time within which any measures will be implemented.

External handling of complaints

3.8    If the internal complaint handling procedure fails to lead to a satisfactory solution or outcome, the parent may contact the National Counter for Childcare Complaints or the Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards.

3.9    The parent can contact the Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards

directly if, under the circumstances, the parent cannot reasonably be expected to submit a complaint to the childminding agency.

3.10 The complaint can be submitted to Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards, even if the complaint has not resulted in a settlement within six weeks.

3.11 The complaint must be submitted to the Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards within 12 months after the complaint was submitted to Be Kind Gastouderservice.

Additional information

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