Our childminder(s)s love working with children and are committed to creating a safe and caring environment where children are free to develop at their own pace.

How we select our childminder(s):

We are a small-scale childminding agency. The small-scale, personal approach of our childminder(s)s gets a big rating from our clients! We not only work in compliance with established government guidelines and standards, but also use our own common sense and intuition to monitor our services. We know our childminder(s)s well, and that is what makes us different from other childminder(s) agencies.

All the childminder(s)s must have a Certificate of Good Conduct and be registered in the Personal Records Database in order to allow continuous screening. This obligation also applies to all family members living at home and the structural presence of a childminder(s) over the age of 18. The childminder(s) must be registered in the Personal Records Database before starting work.

To ensure optimal levels of childcare, Be Kind Gastouderservice requires that childminder(s)s:

  • Are at least 21 years old
  • Are passionate about working with children
  • Are physically healthy and mentally stable
  • Provide a continuous, stable care environment
  • Offer a daily schedule that includes care and activities
  • Have an open and flexible attitude
  • Have a highly-developed sense of responsibility
  • Have a certificate of First Aid for children that complies with the guidelines of the Oranje Kruis – an independent certification body for first aid
  • Have a Secondary Vocational Education level 2 diploma Care and Welfare or comparable certificate

The childminder(s) is open to and respects the possibly different ideas and lifestyles of parents and is willing to cooperate and accept these differences.

Any questions about out childminder(s)s? Please feel free to contact us!