Child abuse, domestic violence and unacceptable behaviour protocol for childcare facilities

When there is a suspicion of child abuse, it is mandatory for childcare organisations and their employees to use the reporting code and consult and follow the “Child abuse and unacceptable behaviour protocol for childcare facilities.” The protocol consists of three routes for three different situations:

  1. a suspicion of domestic violence and child abuse at home;
  2. a suspicion of violence or a sexual offence (assault or abuse) committed by an employee;
  3. a suspicion of sexual transgressive behaviour between children.

Each route consists of a 5-point step-by-step plan. There is also a free reporting code app for childcare organisations. Download the app free from the App Store or Play Store. Source: BOINK

See below for the reporting code child abuse of Be Kind Gastouderservice

• Reporting code child abuse version June 2018

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