The cost of childminder(s) care:

1.            Your childminder(s)’s monthly childcare fee (the number of hours multiplied by the hourly rate).

2.            Plus Be Kind Gastouderservice’s monthly agency fees.

Be Kind Gastouderservice applies the following agency fees:

– 1st child: €75 per month.

– 2nd child (from the same family): €50 per month

– Free from the 3rd child from the same family. No agency fee is due

A fixed fee of € 125 per month per family applies for childcare at the parent’s home or a nanny. A fee of € 70 per month per family applies for a second nanny at the same address.

Why do we charge agency fees?

1. We ensure that both Be Kind Gastouderservice and our nannies comply with the requirements of the GGD framework regulations.

2. We ensure a careful selection procedure of childminder(s)s who wish to join Be Kind.

3. We register childminder(s)s or nannies in the National Register of Childcare and Playgroups (LRK), and deregister if there is no mediation.

4. We mediate between parent(s) and childminder(s) during the entire care period.

5. We guarantee the childminder(s) complies with the quality requirements.

6. We conduct intake interviews with the parents to find the right match with a childminder(s).

7. We evaluate care provided for the parents and conduct progress interviews with the childminder(s).

8. We arrange invoicing and payments to the childminder(s)s.

9. We inspect our care by performing risk inventories, evaluations and home visits.

10. We offer training for parents and childminder(s)s, including First Aid for Children courses.

11. We provide up to date and correct information on the latest developments regarding legislation and regulations relating to childminder(s) care.

12. In summary, we take our joint responsibility for providing responsible and secure childcare and keeping correct administrative records.

Why use Be Kind Gastouderservice?

We are a childminding agency that is characterised by a small-scale, personal approach.

  1. Be Kind puts the child central:We let children be children in a safe and trusted environment that is just like home
  2. Be Kind is transparent and open: We believe in personal, friendly and transparent communication
  3. Be Kind means quality and not quantity: Our childminder(s)s are highly trained, professional and have a background in education
  4. Be Kind is a local childminding service in the Amsterdam region: We know the local market and work closely with the Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD
  5. Be Kind: Our name says it all!

Calculate your own contribution

Use the link below to access the website of the tax authorities. You can calculate your own contribution here. Childcare allowance is a contribution towards the costs. Your contribution is income-dependent. Your costs for childcare will never be completely covered by the childcare allowance. Please take this into account!