Our vision and the distinctive added value of Be Kind Gastouderservice

Being kind to others (“BE KIND”) is the priority at Be Kind. We interpret this as being helpful, considerate, polite, friendly, warm hearted, good natured and sympathetic.

You can also interpret “BE KIND” as: “Letting children be children.”

At Be Kind Gastouderservice we believe that play is a way of preparing children to take part in society (e.g. attending school). Playing alone and with others teaches a child skills and competencies in a natural, informal way. Play is an interaction between watching, listening, speaking, imitating, exploring, inventing, discovering and starting again. Play addresses and practices social, emotional and cognitive skills and, each time, boosts these competencies. It is also vital that a child is allowed to express itself and feel happy in its own skin.

Be Kind Gastouderservice is also committed to creating a safe and trusted environment where care and attention are personalised to suit the individual needs of the child as much as possible.

We aim to provide clear and unambiguous communication about the working methods of Be Kind Gastouderservice, within the statutory frameworks and conditions that childminding agencies must comply with.

The agreements and working methods described in the pedagogical policy plan of Be Kind Gastouderservice are based as far as possible based on the SMART principle:

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound

See below for the pedagogical policy plan of Be Kind Gastouderservice

•  Pedagogical policy plan Be Kind Gastouderservice version 2.4

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